Barrier Free Shower Door, Hard Panel 40 7/8- 44 5/8

Price: $727.47
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Model Number:  SS-MFB55
Time To Ship:  14 days

  • Barrier Free Shower Door with Hard Panels
  • Opening Width Range: 40 7/8" - 44 5/8" (For Opening widths not in the listed in range, use next larger door.
  • Door Heights are built at every full inch from 62" - 71"
  • Door in open position 11"
  • Opens both sides
  • 4 panels for this size door
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Residential or Commercial shower product
  • Shower Door meets ADA code and are in compliance with ANSI standards
  • Full length magnetic latching system
  • High Quality Aluminum frames available in Satin or Bright Finish
  • Panels are made of a high-impact, shatter-proof plastic with integrated flexible hinges.
  • Opaque panels for complete privacy
  • Spring loaded roller system insures smooth, quiet operation
  • Water Dam for shower is classified as barrier free and meets ADA guidelines
  • Call 800-216-2786 for shipping charges.


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Product Photo