RV Water Heater On Demand - 45K

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Model Number:  27-83-5222
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  • Atwood on-demand water heaters are available in 45,000 and 50,000 btu models.
  • These water heaters provide a continuous hot water experience similar to that in your home, but are designed specifically for RVs.
  • Ultra high output burners are powerful enough to instantly heat and let you enjoy a full flow of continuous hot water.
  • To operate, simply turn on the hot water all the way and then mix in cold to reach your desired temperature.
  • The tankless design not only saves weight, but also saves energy by only using power when hot water is demanded.
  • Flex-fit flanges allow for an easy fit into the existing opening for most brands and sizes of RV tank or tankless water heaters. Door sold separately.


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