Kitchen Accessories, RV

Bag Saver, Spice Tray and Tilt-Out Tray made of durable Polyethylene. Easy Cleaning. Cutlery trays can be trimmed to fit different drawer sizes. Sliding Cutlery Tray has extra storage place and is removable. All accessories available in Polar White only.

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Carbon Paper Replacement Filter Cartridge
Model Number: 38-266113-54

Price $15.42

Shurflo 10" Replacement Filter Cartridge, 1 per package
Model Number: 38-266221-54

Price $31.87

Kitchen Strainer, Chrome
Model Number: 38-06396

Price $14.42

Sink Replacement Basket
Model Number: 38-0502-411-173

Price $14.38

Kitchen Strainer, Stainless Steel
Model Number: 38-06306

Price $21.92

Sink Strainer Without Tail Flange & Slipnut Package
Model Number: 38-0501-326-133

Price $20.75

Kitchen Strainer, White
Model Number: 38-06386

Price $13.62

Strainer with Basket Tail Flange Slip Nut Kit
Model Number: 380501-328-133

Price $27.58

Metal Strainer with Grid Locknut and Rubber Washer
Model Number: 38-0506-310-133

Price $21.15

Strainer with Pop-Stop Stopper White
Model Number: 38-06106

Price $17.31

Push - In Basket Metal
Model Number: 38-06116

Price $15.26

Strainer with Push - In Basket , Chrome
Model Number: 38-06236

Price $16.42

Push In Basket - Plastic
Model Number: 38-06486

Price $15.15

Strainer with Rubber Stopper Chrome
Model Number: 38-06186

Price $17.42

Replacement Filter Cartridge
Model Number: 38-366911-54

Price $101.98

Strainer with Threaded Basket Chrome
Model Number: 38-06146

Price $17.54

Shower Strainer with Grid, White
Model Number: 38-06266

Price $17.55

Strainer With Threaded Basket Parchment
Model Number: 38-06136

Price $17.02

Shurflo 10" Replacement Filter Cartridge, 1 per package
Model Number: 38-266-125-54

Price $12.51

Threaded Basket for kitchen sinks
Model Number: 38-06156

Price $17.54